Paskelbta 2019 m. rugpjūčio 29 d., ketvirtadienį. Parašė svetainės administratorė Lina Šilaikienė.

Vilnius Antakalnis gymnasium was built in 1930 on the left side of Neris’ valley in Antakalnis municipality – one of the oldest and most beautiful municipalities here in Vilnius. Our school is easily distinguished from others by its marvelous pre-WWI architecture as well as its spaciousness. Next to the gymnasium there is a breathtaking church and a monastery built between 1694-1717. The school community and the St. John’s theologian monastery’s monks have a strong bond and both sides are looking forward to any collaboration in the future. Our gymnasium has 519 students that are dispersed to 19 forms. Our staff of 49 includes teachers and after-school curriculum professionals.

Our students are encouraged to participate in various regional and international contests, olympiads and often they become prizewinners. Also, our scholars are active in the extra-curriculum activities after school. We have our own soccer, table tennis, basketball teams, a dance club, theater, musical studios as well as a trivia club.

Vilnius Antakalnis gymnasium believes in old traditions as well as creating new ones to follow. Every year our community organizes celebrations for September 1st, national and international holidays such as Christmas. Before Christmas the school community gathers for Gingerbread day. All students and teachers look forward to this day when we decorate our classrooms, hallways and at the end of the Advent all classes have parties filled with delicious food, fun bonding activities and the holiday spirit.

In 46 years (1973-2019) our school has successfully brought up 39 graduate classes. 3709 students received high school diplomas and 193 students have received gold and silver medals for their hard work and contributions to the school. Our gymnasium is proud to say that many of our talented graduated students are working in science, politics and art.

Translated by Julija P.


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The school building, designed by Stefan Narębski, was built in 1929-1930 and was originally called Bendrų pradinių mokyklų rūmai (Joint House of Primary Schools). It consisted of two main deparments. The first one was an all-boys school, named after general Lucjan Żeligowski, the other one was Władysław Syrokomla’s school for girls. During World War II, the school building was temporarily turned into a hospital. In 1944, the building started functioning as a school again and was called Vilnius Secondary School No. 5, lasting up until 1971. In 1972 the Vilnius Secondary School No. 22’s elementary students settled down in the building.  

In 1973, the first eight-year school started functioning in the building, named Vilnius Secondary School No. 18 in 1978. The third building was added in 1983. During the same year, the school started teaching its students strenghtened level of English. In 1990, another - separate - building was passed over to the school. In 1996 the school was renamed to Vilnius Antakalnis Secondary School. On May 2nd, 2012 it was decided by the Vilnius City Municipality to reorganise the school into Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium and Vilnius Antakalnis Progymnasium.

The school’s headmasters and headmistresses so far have been: Joana Sidaugienė (1973-1980), Anatolijus Dziska (1980-1983), Emilijus Šimulionis (1983-1986), Regina Blotnienė (1986-1988), Arūnas Uleckas (1988-1989), Vanda Mažeikienė (1989-1998). As of September 15th 1998, the person in charge of Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium is Vita Kirkilienė.

Translated by Inga V., 2017.


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Our mission is to raise active, patriotic and tolerant youth. This will prepare them for life after graduation. We also strongly believe in a good quality of foreign language education – English being mandatory for all students. French, Russian and German language classes are mainly optional, but strongly encouraged. We believe that students have a right to a bright, tolerant, inspiring and safe environment for learning and creating, as well as using the opportunity to be active and join Students’ council.

Translated by Julija P., 2017.


Paskelbta 2019 m. rugsėjo 02 d., pirmadienį. Parašė svetainės administratorė Lina Šilaikienė.

Vilnius Antakalnis Gymnasium is an open-minded, democratically organised community of students, their parents and teachers, based on universal values and the principles of humanism. The school guarantees the safety of its students and employees, friendly psychological environment, high-quality education as well as high qualifications of our teachers. Our community encourages our students to keep studying and improving for the rest of their lives by promoting solidarity, tolerance and being a good citizen and ensures their rights of self-expression and freedom of thought.

Translated by Inga V., 2017.

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